A little background info...

Will Christien was born and raised in

London, England, growing up with her five

siblings. With an inbuilt curiosity to see the

world, Will started traveling at a young age, relishing

the opportunity to explore different countries and cultures.

With a passion for action and water sports, Will took up Scuba Diving and Wakeboarding while on her travels, going on to become an instructor in both sports, teaching in Australia, England, Indonesia and the US.

With her signature determination, she excelled as an athlete and entered the competitive Wakeboard scene, gaining sponsors and support along the way to winning several titles including British National Women’s Wakeboard Champion.

Will enjoyed all areas of promotion as a professional sportswoman, modeling and hosting for some of the largest companies in the industry including O’Neill and Mastercraft.

With a college diploma in Graphic Design, Will continued to challenge herself within different career areas, developing her creative side by moving in to the television industry specializing in set, prop and puppet design for Children’s Television.

Remaining an enthusiastic athlete, Will’s sporting knowledge lead her to being asked to host the TV coverage for the Professional Wakeboard Tour in 2010. She continued on to host the 8 episode ‘King Of Wake Series’ in 2011 and 2012 as well as several other independent events including the ‘Red Bull Wake Of Fame’, ‘Transworld Wake Awards’ and ‘Transworld Motocross Awards’.

Excited to draw on her globe trotting experiences, Will branched out to host and voice over several travel shows including the series ‘Florida Travel + Life’s Affordable Luxury’, where she explores and reports on all the top Florida vacation destinations.

Of course as an action sports girl, Will only has to be asked once to jump in and showcase all the activities on offer by surfing, kite boarding, wakeboarding, horseback riding, kayaking, scuba diving, golfing, parasailing, hand gliding, skydiving…and even petting snakes and alligators!